Thursday, 16 June 2011

A short tour of the Brucciani shop.-My local B&M.

The Brucciani shop located in the UK city of Carlisle, is a family run traditional tobacconist with over 100 years of history. Currently owned and run in partnership by two brothers, Andrew &
Chris Corrieri. Each with approximately 20 years combined experience in the
tobacco trade.
They have adopted the mentality of their previous family generations,i.e. that which drives them
to obtain anything specific that a customer can not be without. Whether
it be a pipe, lighter,  tobacco blend or cigar, they will always go out of
there way to obtain the product in question. With this positive mind set the brothers have earned a well respected International reputation for service. Particularly so with Peterson Pipe enthusiasts throughout the world.
I am fortunate,in that I live relatively near the Scottish Border and can visit the shop occasionally during the year. It is always a pleasure to visit their shop,of course being the nearest B&M I am unashamedly biased!

Both Andrew and Chris are very supportive of the new fledgling International Peterson Pipe Club.

Knowing how popular these guys are with many Pete pipe enthusiasts,I thought it would be interesting to do a short piece on them and let the world Pete Nuts visualise the Aladdin's cave and also post a photo of the main man Chris.

Please also find a short Wikipedia piece on the City of Carlisle which graphically illustrates its geographic position relative to the rest of the UK.,_Cumbria

There is also a link to the shop on the useful links column ,on the right hand side of this page.

Here are some shots of the shop and Chris himself,I hope you enjoy the tour!


  1. Jim: Perhaps my favorite blog entry to date! Having corresponded with Chris over the past two years and having purchased several pipes from them, it's a real pleasure to get a view of the shop and the man. What a great tobacconists. You are indeed fortunate to live near enough such a fine establishment to visit, particularly one that keeps in stock so many different Petes.

    The UK is on my short list of places to visit, and a trip to Brucciani would be right up there with Dublin, Sallynoggin, and Buckingham Palace!

    Thanks for a great piece, Jim, and thanks to Brucciani for supporting us Pete nuts.

  2. Thank you Tom,I kind of thought that this piece would strike a cord with you.

  3. Thanks for the tour Jim. It's nice to put a face with a voice too.

  4. I have just recently done business with Chris of Brucciani. When the Darwin Deluxe pipes arrived that he'd had on back order for three years or longer, he promptly e-mailed me with notification. He even set aside one of the Darwins to allow me some time to get my funds in order. Needless to say, I'm eagerly awaiting that shipment! Thanks for the blog post, Jim!