Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Best Friend.

Just like a big kid I enjoy having new best friends.This also has parallels with pipes for me.As seen in my previous 'Notes From The Pete Bog',one of my current favourite Peterson Pipe shapes is the magnificent chunky B10 Dublin.

Recently I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to purchase a beautiful B10 Rosslare Royal Irish.
Having made my choice of pipe I was amazed that it arrived within only a couple of days,brilliant service.

Typically the pipes always look much better in the 'flesh' so to speak.This one was a complete surprise to me in that I have not been a great fan of the recent so called Peterson natural finishes,however I was very pleasantly surprised ,the bowl is beautifully finished in a nice toned down stain,just the way I like them.
Quality of finish is what you would expect from this top of the range Royal Irish,outstanding and very handsome.Please judge for yourselves.


  1. Yer killin' me Jim! That is one great looking pipe. I have been considering a B10 for some time, just not sure if the bowl shape will handle VAPERs. I very much like the look of the Pete 05 but the thickness of the calabash bowl is not consistant and it always heats up on me half way through my smoke.

    First question; "Smoker" or "Keeper"?

    That reminds me of a line from "The Outlaw Josey Whales" where the old Indian shows Josey a piece of rock candy and states the "It's not for eating, just for looking through."

  2. Hi Vincent,thank you for your comments.
    The B10's that I currently have are excellent COOL smoking pipes.Achieved primarily through the bowl having a great thick walled shape.This particular one will not be smoked.It will stay pristine and included in my collection.

  3. Thank you for the info Jim, I'll have to find one to try.
    I have noticed that my best VA smokers tend to have thick walls too. For example the Pete POY 2000 bent, nice thick wall top to bottom.