Saturday, 29 October 2011

“Something Special”- Update.

“Something Special”- Update.

Regular Blog followers will recall that I Recently I acquired a wonderful unique pipe from my old friend Garry Malmberg, from Second Hand Smokes. The pipe was in need of some restoration,as it's original stem was missing. It is an 1896 bent Patent Deluxe.The original saddle stem which was missing, was probably an Amber one.

So what is so special apart from it's age? Well, it is otherwise in pristine un-smoked, brand new condition, as fresh as the day it came from the factory. The pipe is probably the oldest un-smoked Peterson in existence!!

My recent enquiry to Peterson's Dublin factory, has born fruit, those magicians have just returned the pipe with it's newly restored, made to measure, black acrylic saddle stem.
I am very pleased with the new replacement stem,as I consider this to be a very significant pipe from Petersons wonderful past.

Here are a few photo's of this marvellous unique pipe, now complete once more.


After :-

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Peterson Nutty Cut Tobacco - A brief Initial Review.

Peterson Nutty Cut Tobacco - A brief Initial Review.

This new aromatic offering from Peterson unfortunately caused me to pre-judge it. My prejudice being stoked by the likelihood of the aromatic qualities and taste based on the many other Peterson-Kohlhase & Kopp blends which I have tried over the years. Especially when one reads the exotic fruity product description i.e. “Coconut, Rum, and Macadamia Nut”,makes it sound more like a confection of fruit dessert than a tobacco!.Often in the past on reading similar descriptions, I was nearly always disappointed with the tobacco when put in a pipe bowl and tested.
However this one proved to be the exception to those preconceptions. I really did enjoy it! Not bad for a straight Virginia lover!
The aroma from the blend on opening the tin promises much delight. The ribbon cut was not too moist and packed easily into the bowl. After an easy ignition, I did not tamp it very much and kept it loose for the first few minutes ,again wrongly anticipating to maybe having a few re-lights. It burned very nice and steady. However, I had to sip slowly and reduced my smoking cadence to match the tendency for the mixture to overheat a bit..My wife immediately commented on the room note by saying “that is different from your usual farmyard mix!!”I could grow to like that one”.
I could not sense/taste the Rum or Coconut flavours,maybe down to me having dedicated to Virginias for too long. While the mix is sweet, it is not overwhelming. There is a definite nutty flavour ,experienced more toward the bottom of the bowl.
As you may have gathered I am not usually a big fan of Aromatics,however I could grow to have this one occasionally in my rotation, for a pleasant change of pace. I will be stocking -up on more of it.
So much for assumptions and prejudice!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Captain Pete Pipes.

Captain Pete Pipes.

At the end of the eighties just as the Sherlock Holmes range was being issued, Peterson reintroduced the modern Captain Pete series. The pipe bowls on these modern versions are all based on the Sherlock Holmes shapes.
The modern Captain Pete line available from Cup O'Joe's is an exclusive, to them issue. They are XL size pipes that mirror the Kinsale and SH series of pipes with slightly shorter p-lip mouthpieces.
The pipes in this unique and popular series are often erroneously referred to as Peterson 'seconds'.
With reference to the origin of the name 'Captain Pete'. As you are aware from the historical information, Charles Peterson was a rather large imposing figure, who stood out somewhat from the crowd. His military manner and nautical style of dress helped give birth to the nickname 'Captain Peterson', by both his employees and the general public who frequented his shop.

Previously there were two separate issues of pipes which had the Captain Pete name.
"Captain Pete" and "Captain Peterson" were two Peterson's sub-brand issues made in England and were also sometimes manufactured in Dublin until the late 1960's when the London premises closed. I have an early London made 1938-40 issue Oom Paul shape 02 Captain Pete in my own collection.(Photo below)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Peterson Lighter arrives.

Regular Blog followers will remember an earlier post in which I highlighted the release of the new Peterson range of lighters.
I have now acquired the one that I ordered earlier in the year.See photos below.
On first impression it is well made and does not disappoint on quality of finish.
However to give a fair assessment,it will require a longer period of time to asses it's functionality.
I notice on some popular Pipe Forums that some are questioning the price. I am happy to have paid what I did  at £60,bearing in mind that it appears to be very similar in quality to the 'Old Boy' series of lighters which here in the UK are much more expensive.Time will tell, as I now have examples of both from which to compare.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Peterson's 2011 Pipe of the Year.

The Peterson's 2011 Pipe of the Year.

Each year the Dublin magicians come up with a limited edition year pipe which is primarily targeted at the more discerning Peterson Pipe Collectors and smokers. This year (2011) they have excelled, by coming up with a most unusual design. Blending a large bent Brandy with the elegant lines of a traditional panel. resulting in a shape which is well-balanced and in my opinion very tactile and comfortable in hand. The large chamber and thick walls give the smoker confidence in loading up for a long cool smoke. This unique shape design is complimented by the usual Peterson high quality sterling silver mount and stem-band.

I have to confess that when Peterson first launched the pipe earlier in the year, I was not immediately impressed by its aesthetics. To my mind it appeared a bit 'lumpy' looking. However as most of you are well aware, first impressions can sometimes be way out and very misleading until personally assessed.
I have a preference for larger pipes, so I decided to give it a go and recently purchased one.

On arrival, I observed that the pipe did indeed tend to feel a little front heavy, especially a consideration for a full time clench-er such as myself, however this minor negative detail is offset by the marvellous panelling which feels really great in the hand. The slight bend in the short stem curves smoothly with no awkward angles while smoking. The thickness of the bowl is great as it offsets the heat very well and contributes to the comfortable heavier feel of it. The competent engineering and alignment provides an excellent open draw.
Given the quality of the briar and silverware in my version,I have to compliment Peterson on a winning combination of good looks, functionality and last but not least,value for money at around $175 - $200.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Charles Peterson Figural Pipe.

One of the joys of the modern computer era is searching for snippets of information. According to my wife I am an extreme lost cause case!!
Recent trawls found an interesting piece on a unique figural pipe carved in the likeness of Charles Peterson.
As can be seen in the accompanying text it created quite an interest and corresponding purchase price when sold.
I put out feelers on the International Peterson Pipe Club forum,requesting any current background information on the pipe.As yet no one knows who or where the pipe now resides.The fact that it is of such significance to Pete Nuts like me,it would be great to get an update.Anyone out there have any knowledge of the current situation? I would be most interested to have any information for inclusion in the new book.Subject of course to the current owners permission.