Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Peterson's 2011 Pipe of the Year.

The Peterson's 2011 Pipe of the Year.

Each year the Dublin magicians come up with a limited edition year pipe which is primarily targeted at the more discerning Peterson Pipe Collectors and smokers. This year (2011) they have excelled, by coming up with a most unusual design. Blending a large bent Brandy with the elegant lines of a traditional panel. resulting in a shape which is well-balanced and in my opinion very tactile and comfortable in hand. The large chamber and thick walls give the smoker confidence in loading up for a long cool smoke. This unique shape design is complimented by the usual Peterson high quality sterling silver mount and stem-band.

I have to confess that when Peterson first launched the pipe earlier in the year, I was not immediately impressed by its aesthetics. To my mind it appeared a bit 'lumpy' looking. However as most of you are well aware, first impressions can sometimes be way out and very misleading until personally assessed.
I have a preference for larger pipes, so I decided to give it a go and recently purchased one.

On arrival, I observed that the pipe did indeed tend to feel a little front heavy, especially a consideration for a full time clench-er such as myself, however this minor negative detail is offset by the marvellous panelling which feels really great in the hand. The slight bend in the short stem curves smoothly with no awkward angles while smoking. The thickness of the bowl is great as it offsets the heat very well and contributes to the comfortable heavier feel of it. The competent engineering and alignment provides an excellent open draw.
Given the quality of the briar and silverware in my version,I have to compliment Peterson on a winning combination of good looks, functionality and last but not least,value for money at around $175 - $200.

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  1. Hi! I'd love to get in contact with you in regards to this pipe - could you please contact me?