Saturday, 29 October 2011

“Something Special”- Update.

“Something Special”- Update.

Regular Blog followers will recall that I Recently I acquired a wonderful unique pipe from my old friend Garry Malmberg, from Second Hand Smokes. The pipe was in need of some restoration,as it's original stem was missing. It is an 1896 bent Patent Deluxe.The original saddle stem which was missing, was probably an Amber one.

So what is so special apart from it's age? Well, it is otherwise in pristine un-smoked, brand new condition, as fresh as the day it came from the factory. The pipe is probably the oldest un-smoked Peterson in existence!!

My recent enquiry to Peterson's Dublin factory, has born fruit, those magicians have just returned the pipe with it's newly restored, made to measure, black acrylic saddle stem.
I am very pleased with the new replacement stem,as I consider this to be a very significant pipe from Petersons wonderful past.

Here are a few photo's of this marvellous unique pipe, now complete once more.


After :-


  1. Hi, Jim,
    That's a perfect stem to modernize your beautiful recent acquisition without detracting an iota from its charm. Congratulations on another astounding treasure.

  2. ... absolutely fantastic ...

  3. Wow Jim, that turned out very nicely indeed!
    I echo Bryan's sentiments on the results.

  4. Well done Jim! I'm somewhat jealuos as you can well imagine.