Thursday, 16 February 2012

Aesthetically pleasing?

Aesthetically pleasing is a much debated concept,particularly when it comes to pipes.What is pleasing to one person may not be so to others.

The Peterson brand of pipes allows the pipe enthusiast massive choices in shape,style and finish.

A shape I have difficulty with is the one based on the flat bottomed sitter, the 306 system pipe.
Over the years I have included examples of some of the variants in my collection.
Here in the entry level smooth standard system.

Also in the Deluxe 11fb version.

11fb Deluxe System

I can never quite put my finger on the reason why I do not like them more,the 11fb in particular I find disproportionate with a saddle stem.In fact I find it probably one of the ugliest Petes ever made.I know, I can hear all of the cries of indignation!!
However in my defence I do like this latest addition to my collection,a 306 sandblast silver cap with fishtail tapered stem.To my mind it has much better proportions and in the hinged silver cap version is much more aesthetically pleasing. I hope you agree?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cased Early Patent 1892 Meerschaum Pipe.

Cased Early Kapp & Peterson Patent 1892 Meerschaum Pipe.

This very early Meerschaum in the standard distinctive Peterson bent shape, was created  around 1891/2 the time when the Kapp brothers and Charles Peterson first patented and began marketing the unique classic system that remains as popular today.


 Note that this outstanding specimen is distinctly stamped with the patent number on both the bowl shank and the silver ferrule and that the silver identifies both PETERSON and the parent company Kapp Brothers (stamped KAPP BRO).


Oddly, the bowl has a small, perfectly round hole drilled deliberately through the bottom of the tobacco chamber. Occasionally seen, these are sometimes done by pipe owners, to create a "carburettor" effect, and of course several pipe makers used to make "carburettor" pipes.


 The case is in excellent condition inside and out (though not labelled).

This special pipe is now one of two, handsome,richly coloured and historically important of the earlier Kapp & Peterson pipes which I am now privileged to have in my collection.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Small can be beautiful and functional!

Small can be beautiful and functional!

Regular blog followers will have noted that one of the main reasons that I enjoy Petersons pipes, is the sheer variety of shapes of pipes which they have produced over the years.

In the early Patent years(1890-1920) it was fashionable to produce very small practical pipes, for everyday use. These pipes were, in my opinion targeted at the main working populace.They were made so that  they could slip easily into the fashionable vest pockets of most pipe smokers of that time.
I already had a couple of these interesting little pipes and have just added another to my collection. An early P-lip, Patent 1910 (2) grade bent Army mount.

 It measures just over 4 inches long,with a bowl height of 1 and 3/8th inches.
Unlike modern vest pocket pipes these early patents were very traditional in shape.

My three small vest pipes can be seen in direct comparison to an average size 999 shape Peterson pipe, giving a good illustration of their size and scale.