Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cased Early Patent 1892 Meerschaum Pipe.

Cased Early Kapp & Peterson Patent 1892 Meerschaum Pipe.

This very early Meerschaum in the standard distinctive Peterson bent shape, was created  around 1891/2 the time when the Kapp brothers and Charles Peterson first patented and began marketing the unique classic system that remains as popular today.


 Note that this outstanding specimen is distinctly stamped with the patent number on both the bowl shank and the silver ferrule and that the silver identifies both PETERSON and the parent company Kapp Brothers (stamped KAPP BRO).


Oddly, the bowl has a small, perfectly round hole drilled deliberately through the bottom of the tobacco chamber. Occasionally seen, these are sometimes done by pipe owners, to create a "carburettor" effect, and of course several pipe makers used to make "carburettor" pipes.


 The case is in excellent condition inside and out (though not labelled).

This special pipe is now one of two, handsome,richly coloured and historically important of the earlier Kapp & Peterson pipes which I am now privileged to have in my collection.



  1. A historically signaficant pipe and a treasure of a find.

    Well done Jim, well done indeed>

  2. Hi Jim,

    thank you again 4 this interesting post. What the hell is that hole in that pipe!? I am shocked!


  3. Hey Jim,

    what are the differences of those african meers and turkish meers ? Turkish meers are as white as snow as seen here:

    If you know please let us know the difference of turkish meerschaum and african.