Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Popular Shape 999

The Popular Shape 999

 This Rhodesian shape, the Peterson 999 , is probably the best selling Peterson shape across all of their lines. I don't know if it's the best-selling shape for Peterson, but I do know it's in the top two or three. And it's for great reasons that this shape does so well...it is, quite simply, a classic interpretation of the shape, beautifully proportioned and superbly designed.I have to admit to having a soft spot for the Pre Republic versions,which were referred to as 'Chubby'.They had much thicker, more substantial stems.

 Above is a 1946 Shamrock chubby 999
Above is a 1946 Pre-Republic Chubby 999.

Above is a Rosslare Royal Irish 999

A Harp 999

 A selection of modern classic 999 shapes.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Christmas Comes.

Christmas comes but once a year!

Last year 2009, saw the introduction of Petersons first Christmas pipe.It was a specially commissioned limited edition smooth sitter, for US retailer Cup O' Joes.I was fortunate enough to acquire one.

 This year my wife has/will give me the new 2010 Chistmas pipe in a B11 shape.

 Although the pipe will be placed under the Christmas tree until the great day.I hope to give a review on it, along with the new 2010 Holiday special tobacco blend.

So , all being well ,this Christmas should be a good one for experiencing some new Peterson goodies.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa.

At this time of year we all start to think of Christmas presents,both giving and receiving.Both give a nice warm glow!

Now is the time for all good Peterson collector/smokers to do a little hopeful fantasizing.This time I am going off the scale and lusting after this beauty,a XL02 Silvercap hinged-lid.Oh my! please Santa,please.

An XL02 silver lid.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

“Jim's notes/musings from the Pete Bog” 2.

Jim's notes/musings from the Pete Bog” 2.

Welcome to my latest edition of new 'Notes from the Pete Bog'. I hope you enjoy the experience.
These frequent brief notes are my personal ramblings,musings,anecdotes,news items and stuff. Primarily intended as a light-hearted look at all things Celtic. Mixed in with pipe/tobacco and general interesting related topics, which may be of interest to you Pete Nuts.
Health warning, not to be taken too seriously!

Late Fall in Scotland - The Calm before the Storm.

Bog factoid (a note or article of general interest ).-

I recently posted the following in a popular Pipe forum to explain that I hoped that my passion for Peterson pipes was not perceived by others to be pipe 'snobbery'.
This was initiated because I have noticed recently,that there are a few Peterson detractors who post regularly on forums and express their biased views on the brand. I do however appreciate that everyone should be allowed to express their opinion, good or bad.
Sometimes though, it would appear that they cannot quite comprehend why the brand has such a loyal and vociferous following and in my particular case, why I like Petersons exclusively.

I often cringe at some of the negative comments made on popular pipe forums, in regard to the quality and finish of Peterson pipes. Inevitably it is the old story of a lack of experience or ownership of the extensive and varied choices in the range of pipes presented by Peterson. Often the negative comments are based on the writers very limited experience of owning one or two basic entry level pipes. Thereafter they condemn all Peterson pipes, based on that poor experience.
I am privileged in that I have a good variety of both entry and higher grade Peterson Pipes within my collection. In my humble opinion, Peterson have been consistent throughout their production of pipes, in replicating a tradition of Celtic quality, at very reasonable prices. Particularly so when you consider the huge numbers of pipes that are produced annually. There are bound to be some that do not pass muster or are just not to that particular smokers taste.
Believe me when I say that I do not feel the need to defend or justify the Peterson brand,there are thousands of satisfied pipe smokers throughout the world that will do that for me.
If I come across as a Pete fanatic,then I apologise for my weakness. Snob, no, what you see is an all consuming passion and interest that borders on an obsession for a brand which I have chosen over many others.
So after all this long winded post, what am I saying,well it is this, please be tolerant of my obsession, which I thoroughly enjoy sharing with other pipesters”.

Bog link of interest – This is the link to a new to me UK tobacconist, A E Lloyd & Son. Their Peterson page has the Peterson official video, this one being of excellent viewing quality. http://www.cigarsofcuba.co.uk/acatalog/Peterson.html

Poem - 'November' by Robert Bridges

The lonely season in lonely lands, when fled
are half the birds, and mists lie low, and the sun
is rarely seen, nor strayeth far from his bed;
The short days pass unwelcomed one by one.

Useful Things – Spotted this nice Walnut 6 pipe cabinet, on Esterval's site.
It is made by Guy Janot and priced at around $220. Very nice.

Please look out for the next edition of 'notes from the Pete Bog' and to all of you loyal blog followers, “Lang may yer Lum reek”, an old Scot's farewell greeting, which in essence, hoped that the person receiving the greeting, always had smoke coming from their house chimney fire and enjoyed a long life.


Friday, 12 November 2010

Peterson Commemorative Patent System Pipe 1890-1990 Limited Edition No. 12393.

Peterson Commemorative Patent System Pipe 1890-1990 Limited Edition
No. 12393.

At the beginning of the 1990's Peterson issued a pair of commemorative pipes. These were sold individually as boxed limited editions, to celebrate the issue of their original Patent System Pipe. These were a bent Oom Paul and a straight Billiard shape, with smooth or rustic finishes and sterling silver ferrules.
Each box contained certificates and relevant literature with the following quote from Charles Peterson.

The importance of producing as perfect a pipe as possible is evident, when we realise how universally smoking has affected modern thought in Art, Science, Literature, Politics, and even the Pulpit: how it has influenced the best wit of our time, and brought relief and solace to over-taxed energies.“
- The thoughts of Chairman Charles Peterson, inventor of the Patent System Pipe in 1890. 
The Oom paul is a striking  and impressively large shape. Although I have found it less than comfortable to smoke, the stem mouthpiece being to fine for my large mouth!, it just does not feel right. Although it looked at first glance potentially to be a great clencher, just me!
Here are a couple of photos showing examples of each.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Another Old Timer for the Sandpiper Museum.

Another Old Timer for the Sandpiper  Museum.

One of my passions is hunting out Patent and Pre Republic hidden treasure on E-bay. It gives me great  pleasure to spot one with potential,then battle to win it and then closely exam it when it arrives, to see if it is treasure trove.
I recently bid and won this one for the princely sum of $67.The sellers description was very brief and basic. Other than an indication that it was an old Pete from around 1920.
It duly arrived and I had an opportunity to exam it in detail. I can now confirm that the hallmarks do indeed date it to 1920,it is a model/shape 8b,2nd grade.
Following a good spiff and clean up, it is in my opinion now a little cracker. It can be seen in the following photo.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

International Peterson Pipe Club is now Launched!

International Peterson Pipe Club *** STOP PRESS - GREAT NEWS!

I recently posed the following question. - "With the demise of the official Peterson Smokers guild,what interest if any would there be to the formation of such an international group.
In response to  any substantial demand, it may be that we could create an exclusive  club for smokers and  connoisseurs  who appreciate the  standards of  craftsmanship and  quality which  distinguish the Peterson brand".

Well the good news is, we now have a launch site for trial,please look at the Links on the right of the page, for 'The International Peterson Pipe Club'. Please click on the link and register to join in.

*** LATEST UPDATE :- Peterson have now officially  approved 'The International Peterson Pipe Club' replacing the former Smokers Guild and have put the links to the newly launched IPPC on their web site. The club has really taken off now,we are heading to-wards fifty members who have now registered and joined the new fledgling club.Every one a Pete Nut!! The future is looking bright for the new club.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Supremely Satisfied!

Supremely Satisfied!

I have just taken delivery of an exquisite top of the range,hand made, Peterson Gold Mounted Supreme Straight Grain XL02 P-Lip.

Typifying the classic Peterson design, the XL02 shape, with its stout stem and wide apple bowl, shows excellent visual harmony at the slender angle of the tapered stem. With a  beautiful flame grain, this particular pipe is all the more pleasing  by being brought together with the tasteful soft stain and gold band, which is indicative of the classic Peterson's Supreme Straight Grain series.

 The briar is carefully examined for imperfections and selected from briar of exceptional grain. Straight grains, are carefully stored, waiting to be specially carved by hand . The hand crafted straight grain pipe and the increasingly rare skill required to make it, is unique. Peterson raftsmen shape, turn, sand and polish the 150 year old root of the Erica arborea tree,which is something quite special. Only a very limited quantity of straight grains are available in any twelve month period.

I consider myself very fortunate to have acquired such a rare and exquisite hand made piece.

Contrary to some pipe connoisseurs, who believe that all Peterson pipes are factory made and of a lesser quality, this is an example of Peterson craftsmanship at its supreme best. Not a fill or flaw in sight !

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Labour of Love.

A Labour of Love.

As reported earlier in the Blog, I was previously invited to provide an article on the Peterson Pipe for the Pipedia web resource.

I decide to pull together my various writings on Peterson pipes and compile my interpretation of a meaningful reference,which could be used by new pipe smokers and experienced collectors. Bearing in mind the popularity of the brand and the huge numbers of pipe smokers that own and collect Petersons,it was quite a daunting task to undertake.

I have now reached the stage where I am reasonably satisfied with my efforts and hope that others will find the finished article both useful and helpful in understanding the vagaries of the Peterson brand since its inception.

Coupled to my previous writings I have incorporated many photographic examples from my large collection of Peterson pipes, to assist in the graphic interpretation of the many aspects and reference points discussed in the article.

I am confident that the finished product is worthy of becoming a standard reference work for the Peterson brand. I do hope that you will take the time to read the main paper and the five separate in depth specialist ones that accompany it.

To me it was a labour of love, for which I am extremely proud.

(The Pipedia page link can be accessed in the links section on the right side of this page)