Saturday, 18 August 2012

Collection of Silver Windcaps.

My collecting of Peterson pipes constantly ebbs and flows amongst the various series of higher grade Pete's on offer. Just now my obsession is centred on the Silver wind caps, here are a selection of these beauties.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Peterson 999 Silver Spigot 'Special'.

The Peterson 999 Rhodesian shape is one of their most popular pipe shapes amongst Peterson fans.
When given a silver enhancement as in the silver spigot form, it is truly outstanding.
Her in the UK,we are fortunate to be given the opportunity to purchase some superb 'special' pipes, which Peterson create each year for exhibition at Industry Trade Shows.

Recently I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to purchase one of these unique 'special' one off pipes. It is a natural coloured 999 shape Silver spigot with a P-lip stem. It is enhanced by the wonderful Celtic scroll engraving to the silver work. A bonus here is the amazing birds-eye on the bowl.

Once again, I present for the Blog followers delectation and delight another photo show of this latest inmate of the Sandpiper collection.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The Buddha described nirvāna as the perfect peace of the state of mind that is free from craving, anger, and other afflicting states (kleshas). Though temporary states of peace may come and go during the course of an ordinary person's life, nirvana is a state of 'ultimate' peace.

Here is my preferred recipe of perfectly combined ingredients to assist in achieving this very desirable state. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Peterson - Simply Elegant Pipes.

Peterson - Simply Elegant Pipes.

How do you encapsulate the elements of an obsession with a particular brand.
Contrary to some misinformed prophets of doom, Peterson are one of the few pipe makers enjoying a world-wide renaissance in the export and production of the brand. Quite a feat, given the prevailing anti smoking politics which is in evidence in many countries.

As an obsessive collector of Peterson's pipes, I am often asked by others what it is about them that drives my obsession. Easy, to my mind they have a certain Irish charisma,which has been forged by a turbulent historical evolution. Also a certain quirkiness, which appeals to my Celtic heritage, but above all they are visually and simply elegant. When the excellent smoking qualities are combined with great value for money, it certainly offers the ordinary Pipe smoker a formidable combination, which is difficult to ignore when making brand choices at the point of pipe purchase.

I find their concept of simple elegance a refreshing change from the current and in most cases,expensive modern trend for outlandish so called 'artisan' pipe design. I hope and pray that Peterson will never venture down that road and will continue with the strength of their simple classic design . ( Personally I hope their new Dracula series is just an idiosyncratic blip!! ).

Here are some examples of Peterson's simply elegant pipe designs which I find a pleasure to use and own.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Birthday Pipe.

This morning, my good lady wife took me to Brucciani my favourite B&M shop in Carlisle here in the UK, to collect my birthday pipe.

The pipe is a beautiful Peterson XL02 Silver Windcap natural coloured P-lip.Below is a photo of me and the owners, brothers Andrew and Chris Brucciani in the shop being presented with my new pipe.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Pipedia Peterson Page Update.

As most regular blog followers will be aware it has been a few weeks since I have been posting here.

My reason for the absence is that I was fully committed to a major update to my comprehensive Pipedia piece, the 'Peterson Pipe Chronicles'.The link can be seen in the "USEFUL LINKS" column on the right side of this page.
Bearing in mind that it has been two years since I first posted it and the changes and additions to the Peterson brand which have taken place during that period, it was very much in need of refreshing.
The bulk of the work is now complete, apart from a few minor changes and tweaks! these will be done over the next few days. Please take time to view it.

I am very proud of this new work, as I was always driven by the need to bring some order to the Peterson story, particularly the inaccurate previously much quoted version of the history which had been posted on many forums and Pipe sites .

When I first took it on board the Peterson page had very few viewing numbers in evidence and was way behind the other major brands in popularity. According to the latest viewing numbers, it is now almost equal with the Dunhill brand,which is currently in top position and I am confident the Peterson page will overtake them in the next few weeks.