Sunday, 12 August 2012

Peterson - Simply Elegant Pipes.

Peterson - Simply Elegant Pipes.

How do you encapsulate the elements of an obsession with a particular brand.
Contrary to some misinformed prophets of doom, Peterson are one of the few pipe makers enjoying a world-wide renaissance in the export and production of the brand. Quite a feat, given the prevailing anti smoking politics which is in evidence in many countries.

As an obsessive collector of Peterson's pipes, I am often asked by others what it is about them that drives my obsession. Easy, to my mind they have a certain Irish charisma,which has been forged by a turbulent historical evolution. Also a certain quirkiness, which appeals to my Celtic heritage, but above all they are visually and simply elegant. When the excellent smoking qualities are combined with great value for money, it certainly offers the ordinary Pipe smoker a formidable combination, which is difficult to ignore when making brand choices at the point of pipe purchase.

I find their concept of simple elegance a refreshing change from the current and in most cases,expensive modern trend for outlandish so called 'artisan' pipe design. I hope and pray that Peterson will never venture down that road and will continue with the strength of their simple classic design . ( Personally I hope their new Dracula series is just an idiosyncratic blip!! ).

Here are some examples of Peterson's simply elegant pipe designs which I find a pleasure to use and own.


  1. Dear Sir,
    How wonderful to see a man who shares my own "old fashioned" appreciation for the classic and very UN-modern beauty of Peterson's wonderful pipes!

    I have spent the past fifty years, never making it past 1967 - absolutely refusing to enter the superficial nothingness which is the 21st century; having no use for the Internet, save to update ones own site - and, curious to see Peterson on the Internet, I find a fellow Peterson afficianado who appreciates simple, classic elegance; and is unmoved by outlandish modernism!

    Lovely to realise that I am not alone. Thank you, Mr Lilley for raising my spirits this day.

    Hoping that your family will apprise readers as to your health and well-being, I send every good wish and remain,

    Yours Sincerely,
    P Livingstone
    "One Irish Countryman"

  2. I am still here !
    Thank you from a kindred spirit.