Thursday, 13 September 2012

New 'Kapries' B49.

I managed to acquire one of the new 'Kapries' series, a B49 shape. I am particularly fond of that shape, which is the same shape as the Sherlock Holmes 'Gregson'.
The 'Kapries' comes with a fine sandblast finish, sterling silver ferrule and a Cumberland style acrylic Army style stem.
The pipe performed well when filled and smoked.Like the similar 'Gregson' it has a very comfortable feel when in use and benefits from a good open draw.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Irish Flake Comparison.

Irish Flake and Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired brief comparison.

I am pleasantly surprised with this new offer from Mac Baren. Having read many of the initial reviews by others and the comparisons to Peterson's Irish Flake,I was very keen to try it.

On receiving my consignment of 6, I was also pleased to note that each tin came in a generous 100gram tin .On opening one, I was immediately reminded of the accuracy of the Irish Flake comparison,the smell and dark appearance is very similar to my favourite Peterson offering.
I chose to rub out an individual flake and leave it for ten minutes before presenting it to the bowl of a large Peterson Dunmore XL75.This proved to be the correct course of action as the pressed dark fired flakes were quite moist.The initial light was sufficient to get me going and to achieving a very tasteful and pleasant 25-30 minute smoke.

The nick-kick is much less than IF and I would imagine this would mean that it would gain many converts to the blend. I never thought that another blend would match the Peterson blend but this one comes very close.A most pleasant experience.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Series?

As most regular followers know, Peterson can sometimes move in mysterious ways with the introduction of 'new' series or ranges of pipes. This is particularly so with the European market.
The first one that I came across was a new to me series, the Maigret Sandblast Limited Edition.Named after author Georges Simenon's famous French Detective character. Priced around $210.00.

Next was the Kapries which I had never heard of previously.

There are several things about this 'new' range which appeals to me, the tremendously large and extensive shape variety, the wonderful sandblast finish and the price at around $160.00.
You will also note that the advertising gives an insight as a handy guide to some of the newer 'B' shape numbers currently in use by Peterson.