Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Series?

As most regular followers know, Peterson can sometimes move in mysterious ways with the introduction of 'new' series or ranges of pipes. This is particularly so with the European market.
The first one that I came across was a new to me series, the Maigret Sandblast Limited Edition.Named after author Georges Simenon's famous French Detective character. Priced around $210.00.

Next was the Kapries which I had never heard of previously.

There are several things about this 'new' range which appeals to me, the tremendously large and extensive shape variety, the wonderful sandblast finish and the price at around $160.00.
You will also note that the advertising gives an insight as a handy guide to some of the newer 'B' shape numbers currently in use by Peterson.


  1. Hello Jim,
    a very interesting post indeed. As I'm a big fan of Maigret, would you mind letting me know where the pipe could be found online ? Thank you in advance my friend.

  2. Hi Dimitrios,

    Link here:-
    Good luck.

  3. Oh! I like all those Army mounts.
    And thanks for the link Jim.