Saturday, 19 May 2012

The XL16 Silver Wind-cap

The XL16 silver wind-cap in the photo below is based on the Sherlock Holmes 'Professor' shape. It is an extra large pipe,this particular one has a fishtail stem and is finished in a natural colour stain. It is a shape of which I am particularly fond.
The contrasting photo shows the 'ordinary' Professor.

03 Silver Wind-cap

The 03 shape is probably one of the most popular shapes in the Peterson range.
Here we have it at the top of their high grade range, as a silver wind-cap. This particular one is a P-lip mouthpiece in the new natural colour stain,a very handsome little Pete.

Monday, 14 May 2012

More Bling!

I just cannot stop,resistance is futile,I need counselling !.Here is my latest 'silver dream machine'.


This beauty is a dark stain silver lid XL 81 bent Rhodesian.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A bit of Bling.

I just cannot pass a nice piece of Peterson Bling.This is a new natural colour
 silver hinged wind-cap, shape X220 just acquired.
It now typifies my current collecting direction for the best of the Peterson silver pipes.
They are beautiful and superbly crafted.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some recent acquisitions.

My collecting of Peterson Pipe paraphernalia has recently become somewhat prolific and eclectic,as can be seen in the accompanying photo.
My good friend Chuck Wright identified a rather unique Peterson item on e-bay recently.It was listed as an Oak wood musical Peterson Pipe Tool  box. It duly arrived here to the 'Pete Bog' and was identified as a musical cigarette or cigar box, which has been converted to a small tool box. It has the Peterson marks on the base and plays the old Scot's tune 'The Sky Boat Song'. It has a clockwork mechanism.
I am a sucker for the XL02 shape,so when I spotted this nice 'Red' Sterling silver example I just had to have it,nice addition to my smoking rotation!
Next was a rare opportunity to acquire a pipe knife which I have always lusted after, the French masterpiece Laguiole.There are not too many for sale these days.
I was fortunate to spot this one when it came up for sale on the Alpascia site.It was 1 of 3, they have all been sold within the week!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Darwin 'Evolution'.

'Darwin Evolution'.

In my previous Blog rantings I have stated how much I admire the Darwin Deluxe issue of pipes. To my mind that particular pipe epitomises the very best of the skills, quality and value for money, that makes the Peterson brand so successful today.
For those who may not be familiar with the Darwin,the following quote is taken from my Peterson Pipedia piece on the Darwin series of pipes.

The new Darwin series of pipes are large,sturdy, stout and feature the same military mount and ingenious moisture-trap found in other Peterson System pipes. Recently released, just in time, to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of the Species". Darwin pipes come in the Sandblast, Ebony, Rustic, Smooth, Red, Deluxe and Premier finish. The shape form is the new B42; a handsome and muscular bent apple that appears to have been specially created for the series.
I have to admit that I am smitten by this new series from Peterson. They epitomize my ideal pipe, both in looks and functionality. The Deluxe in particular is a very handsome specimen. I also enjoy how tactile these pipes are,they snuggle in beautifully in the hand. I am a big guy so it may be something to do with scale. With the pipes being so big I would imagine they will not be to everyone's taste. My own view is somewhat biased, the Darwin's were probably tailor made with me in mind!! I find them brilliant smokers,the bowls never heat up, because they are so large and the shape is so very comfortable for longer periods of smoking. Personally I give them a slight edge over the Mark Twain's in that department.
The official Peterson web site lists four types,Deluxe,Premier, Rustic and Smooth. I have managed to source three others ,Red, Ebony and Sandblast.”

I later went on to request that the Dublin magicians made me a Red version of the Darwin Deluxe,which they agreed to do. I was very pleased with the pipe when finished and have considered myself very fortunate to have had it done by special commission.
Having a fertile creative streak, I had further thoughts on how to extend and compliment the wonderful aesthetics of the Darwin Deluxe. Even borrowing from the great man himself (Darwin), I was asking the Peterson guys to participate in pipe 'evolution' and partake in another special commission for me!.
The following photos show the result of the next stage in the Darwin Deluxe's development. I am pleased to introduce my new Darwin Deluxe 'Evolution'. A magnificent Silver-wind-cap version of this great series.
Darwin Deluxe 'Evolution' Silver-cap