Thursday, 29 March 2012

Time Travel

Here is a little stunner from the past, a Cased Gold Amber stem 1901 Patent.
It is in remarkable condition,given it's age.The briar is a marvellous dark walnut colour which seems to be the norm for this period.All the hallmarks are clear and crisp which would indicate very careful use.The case is pristine.
The Amber stem contrasts well with the dark briar and the luxurious gold band.
I feel deeply privileged to hold this little time capsule, which is a wonderful example of the golden period of Peterson craftsmanship.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Two New Additions.

Two New Additions.

I recently acquired two new pipes from Italy, a System Deluxe 9s Silver wind-cap and a B10 Grafton.

The Grafton I already had one example and knew it to be a great quality pipe in my smoking rotation collection. This the latest one is to remain un - smoked and will be added to my main collection. I just love the 'Grafton' series,there are very few of them around. This surprises me as I am amazed at the superb finish and quality which is in evidence,especially when the price is around $250.I am particularly fond of the acrylic Cumberland stem, which to my mind enhances the smoking experience.

The System Deluxe is a large 9s with an elegant silver wind cap. I have previously tried unsuccessfully to source one of these. I even hoped to try and source a suitable separate wind cap, to attach to my existing Deluxe System pipes, but to no avail.
This particular specimen has a great dark walnut stain which does not seem evident on Deluxe System pipes today,I can only assume that this pipe was from much older stock. It is hallmarked for 2005.
I must admit I find this style of Deluxe System pipe very photogenic and elegant with all of that silverware.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Irish Times

It is that time of year again (March 17th) when the world is invited to focus on a great Irish tradition,celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.

As a collector of the world famous brand of Irish pipes,it would be unseemly to not highlight the holiday's significance to the current offering of pipes which bear that name.

The official Ashton US Peterson retailer poster illustrated below, identifies the 2012 St Paddy shapes on offer.I must admit a soft spot for the B28 shape.As they say in the emerald isle "It's a cracker".

To all who regularly visit the 'Pete Blog' I wish you all a happy and enjoyable St Paddy's day.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Midas touch.

The Midas touch- a gold mounted spigot.
My latest Peterson acquisition is in the shape of a beautiful 14 K gold mounted 221 fishtail spigot. This magnificent example of a true high grade Pete,is at the more expensive end of the Peterson price spectrum. When purchased new these pipes can cost anything between $700 and $1000.
The Peterson tradition has long been associated with the fine gold and silver detail of their pipes. This particular Gold Spigot is characterised by a gold covering on the tapered end of the mouthpiece which compliments the hallmarked gold tenon and mount.
The Spigot style evolved from the practice of soldiers in earlier centuries who repaired broken pipes by sliding a used cartridge case over the shank and reinserting the mouthpiece. In this unique spigot finished pipe, Peterson craftsmanship perfect the union of finest quality briar and precious metals. The gold is spun to shape and then fitted to the pipe. The craftsmanship, created with only a lathe and chisel as basic tools, is the finest in the industry and usually come fitted with fishtail mouthpieces.
This beauty certainly brings a nice touch of bling to the collection!. 


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Centennial Limited Edition 1875 - 1975.

In 1975 Peterson issued the Centennial Limited Edition 1875 - 1975 pipes. 

 The Peterson Centennial pipes, were released in celebration of 100 years of the company's pipe making. Two pipes were issued, 100 of each shape,a sterling silver banded straight and a bent shape 69, both were offered for sale individually.

These pipes are relatively rare, owing to the small numbers of each that were issued. I was fortunate in acquiring a nice condition shape 69.It has been very lightly smoked and has a beautiful quality walnut stained bowl.The markings are relatively clear,the silver collar 1875 mark can just be seen.Obviously the previous owner polished it regularly with some pride and enthusiasm!
Here are some photo shots of this fine example.