Monday, 12 March 2012

The Midas touch.

The Midas touch- a gold mounted spigot.
My latest Peterson acquisition is in the shape of a beautiful 14 K gold mounted 221 fishtail spigot. This magnificent example of a true high grade Pete,is at the more expensive end of the Peterson price spectrum. When purchased new these pipes can cost anything between $700 and $1000.
The Peterson tradition has long been associated with the fine gold and silver detail of their pipes. This particular Gold Spigot is characterised by a gold covering on the tapered end of the mouthpiece which compliments the hallmarked gold tenon and mount.
The Spigot style evolved from the practice of soldiers in earlier centuries who repaired broken pipes by sliding a used cartridge case over the shank and reinserting the mouthpiece. In this unique spigot finished pipe, Peterson craftsmanship perfect the union of finest quality briar and precious metals. The gold is spun to shape and then fitted to the pipe. The craftsmanship, created with only a lathe and chisel as basic tools, is the finest in the industry and usually come fitted with fishtail mouthpieces.
This beauty certainly brings a nice touch of bling to the collection!. 



  1. Very nice Jim! A stunning addition to the collection.

  2. Thanks Peter,good to see you posting.I was wondering where you had gone!

  3. Hello Jim. Congratulations. Worthy acquisition. With this one, I would make an exception to my preference for silver. Post soon again. Lukas

  4. That is a stunning pipe Jim.