Thursday, 8 March 2012

Centennial Limited Edition 1875 - 1975.

In 1975 Peterson issued the Centennial Limited Edition 1875 - 1975 pipes. 

 The Peterson Centennial pipes, were released in celebration of 100 years of the company's pipe making. Two pipes were issued, 100 of each shape,a sterling silver banded straight and a bent shape 69, both were offered for sale individually.

These pipes are relatively rare, owing to the small numbers of each that were issued. I was fortunate in acquiring a nice condition shape 69.It has been very lightly smoked and has a beautiful quality walnut stained bowl.The markings are relatively clear,the silver collar 1875 mark can just be seen.Obviously the previous owner polished it regularly with some pride and enthusiasm!
Here are some photo shots of this fine example.


  1. Very nice, Jim! I am envious :)

  2. Thanks Tony,it is a cracker.I am very pleased with it.

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  4. Greetings! What a lovely blog, I am sorry I only now came across it.
    Could you please share any information on the straight model of the Centennial pipe? I really cannot find any info, and one is in the mail heading my way. Thank you, Sir.