Thursday, 16 February 2012

Aesthetically pleasing?

Aesthetically pleasing is a much debated concept,particularly when it comes to pipes.What is pleasing to one person may not be so to others.

The Peterson brand of pipes allows the pipe enthusiast massive choices in shape,style and finish.

A shape I have difficulty with is the one based on the flat bottomed sitter, the 306 system pipe.
Over the years I have included examples of some of the variants in my collection.
Here in the entry level smooth standard system.

Also in the Deluxe 11fb version.

11fb Deluxe System

I can never quite put my finger on the reason why I do not like them more,the 11fb in particular I find disproportionate with a saddle stem.In fact I find it probably one of the ugliest Petes ever made.I know, I can hear all of the cries of indignation!!
However in my defence I do like this latest addition to my collection,a 306 sandblast silver cap with fishtail tapered stem.To my mind it has much better proportions and in the hinged silver cap version is much more aesthetically pleasing. I hope you agree?


  1. First, let me say that I've been reading your blog for about a month now and share your love of Petersons. You've got a lot of great info here.

    Second, I completely agree with your assessment of the 11fb. I've always thought that it looked like the stem was an afterthought (and not a good one at that). On the other hand, the standard system and the silver cap are most definitely a return to sanity and I find them quite beautiful. Of course personally I would gravitate to the standard system you picture just because of the Plip. LOVE MY PLIPS!

    Fine blog, sir.

  2. Thank you kind person!your comments are greatly appreciated.

  3. Having never been a fan of the flat bottomed pipes either, I do find the 306 you've pictured aesthetically pleasing. I think it is beacuse of the added height if the silver lid that makes it so.

  4. What a wonderful collection of pipes and excellent reference this site is.

    Thanks for your toil Jim!

    I confess to being a fan of the 11FB, and recently reviewed it at my website.

    All the very best to you Jim.

  5. Hopefully the web link will work now lol