Sunday, 7 November 2010

International Peterson Pipe Club is now Launched!

International Peterson Pipe Club *** STOP PRESS - GREAT NEWS!

I recently posed the following question. - "With the demise of the official Peterson Smokers guild,what interest if any would there be to the formation of such an international group.
In response to  any substantial demand, it may be that we could create an exclusive  club for smokers and  connoisseurs  who appreciate the  standards of  craftsmanship and  quality which  distinguish the Peterson brand".

Well the good news is, we now have a launch site for trial,please look at the Links on the right of the page, for 'The International Peterson Pipe Club'. Please click on the link and register to join in.

*** LATEST UPDATE :- Peterson have now officially  approved 'The International Peterson Pipe Club' replacing the former Smokers Guild and have put the links to the newly launched IPPC on their web site. The club has really taken off now,we are heading to-wards fifty members who have now registered and joined the new fledgling club.Every one a Pete Nut!! The future is looking bright for the new club.


  1. Great news, Jim! I'm very much looking forward to participating!

  2. Please Join us Bryan, you will be most welcome.

  3. As they like to say here in the South, "Ya'll come now ya hear,"

  4. Well the good news is,in the short period of it starting we now have over 40 registered members and growing.Thanks guys.