Monday, 25 October 2010

International Peterson Pipe Collector/Smokers Club?

International Peterson Pipe Collector/Smokers Club?

With the demise of the official Peterson Smokers guild,what interest if any would there be to the formation of such an international group.
In response to  any substantial demand, it may be that we could create an exclusive  club for smokers and  connoisseurs  who appreciate the  standards of  craftsmanship and  quality which  distinguish the  Peterson brand.

What do you think,is it feasible. Would you join, what would you wish from it?
Please give your thoughts,for or against.Thank you.


  1. Hi, Jim,
    The extinction of the Peterson Smokers' Guild has disappointed me. Given the worldwide loyalty Peterson has garnered and its many fascinating historical aspects (of which you have chronicled so many), I believe a Peterson fraternity would be welcomed enthusiastically. Of course I can speak with certainty only for myself, but I am confident that there are many others who would appreciate such an endeavor. Under your direction, it would certainly be a labor of love---informed by a vast knowledge of your subject. I am excited at the prospect and hope to see it come to fruition!

    Bryan Gesinger

  2. I think it is a capital idea, Jim. I'd be proud to be a member.

  3. Great idea Jim, you can count me in on that one! I would love to see such an organization and proud to be a charter member. I am sure that there would be enthusiastic participation of many smokers.
    The only problem that I see is in getting the word out to them.

  4. Please Count Me IN Jim.
    My enthusiasm for my Petersons has always been high, but you, my friend, are enabling me to reach the next level.


  5. If one is created I'd definently join!!