Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Peterson Link to Pipedia.

Links to Pipedia.

Most of you regular Blog followers will be aware of that great pipe web source, Pipedia.
 Pipedia has the potential to be an even greater resource. The site is constantly upgrading and evolving with historical and current information about the entire scope of the world of tobacco pipes.
The current specialist Peterson page, has been attempting to accumulate and publish articles on the pipes origins and history. Until now the main page was fairly lean on Peterson facts and meaningful historical material.
I was invited by the site's custodian Scott Thile,to contribute to the Peterson pages. I was very flattered to be asked and gratefully accepted the opportunity to add to the pages development.
Following discussion with Scott it was decided to publish my paper titled “An Introduction to the Peterson Pipe”.The paper is really a compilation of most of the facts and interesting material which I had previously used in this Blog,drawing it together in a more compact readable form, suitable for purpose.
I hope you will enjoy the paper,it is a work in progress.

The site can be accessed from the blog links column on the right side of this page.


  1. Excellent article, Jim. Superbly done!

  2. Congratulations Jim.n The cream always rises to the top.

  3. Thanks guys,your kind comments are much appreciated.

  4. Jim,
    I just followed the link and read the whole article. Great job sir! Your excellent writing does justice to the Peterson brand. I like your description of the pipes based on their era of manufacture.

    I do have a couple questions. At the end you mention that you do have pipes from other makers. What are some of your favorite pipes that you actually smoke other than Peterson?

    I have noticed in several of your photographs and recently while looking at the Peterson 2010 catalogue I see that in some pictures the stem has been pulled out a 1/4" or so. Why is this? I've noticed this for quite some time and been wondering.



  5. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the kind comments,much appreciated.
    Re your questions,Although I have other makers pipes,I focus and smoke mainly Peterson.I also have several examples of Dunhill,Comoy,Ferndown,Blakemare,Savinelli,Northern Briars,Don Carlos,Jacono,Ashton,Stanwell,Butz Choquin,Kaywoodie,Aldo Velani,Brigham,Hardcastle,Parker,WDC Wellington,plus many more.
    The stem sticking out is a classic Peterson question.It is found mainly in Deluxe system stems which have a larger ,longer stem tenon, to allow for wear through use.
    I hope this has answered your questions satisfactorily.
    Kindest regards to you,

  6. Thanks Jim.
    I must say that the P-lip stem is what has made me an instant Peterson fan. Years ago my father smoked a Peterson and that is what he always talked about. So I suppose that is why I ended up buying one. It surely will not be the last.

    When you have a chance please see my recent post describing my homemade briar pipe.

    Very best regards,


  7. Mike,you have talent.That little nosewarmer is a terrific first creation.Well done.Now we need to convert you to making 'clenchers'.LOL.