Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pipe Focus – Peterson Rosslare series.

Pipe Focus – Peterson Rosslare series.

Todays pipe under the spotlight is the spectacular and unmistakable Peterson Rosslare series.

Clearly identified by the bright sterling silver mount at the end of the shank and on the stem and the yellow-gold variegated faux amber acrylic stem, all combining to create a striking and unique composition especially in the black sandblast contrast.

There are two finishes in the series,the basic Classic, priced around $115 and the higher grade Royal Irish at around $150.

Peterson claim that “Only about 5% of our bowls are good enough to make this selection of pipes. These special pipes, all of which are silver mounted, are rare and a limited number are available each year. Shapes can vary depending on availability of suitable raw materials”.Not so sure about the accuracy of some of that sales pitch,especially the rarity. I have never had any difficulty sourcing them. Most B& M's and e-retailers have them in stock, or can source them fairly quickly.

I have found that there is a clear dichotomy of opinion on the views of pipe smokers on the Rosslare series,they either love em or loath them. Some find the orange/yellow Acrylic stem a bit OTT.
Personally I love them and would give them a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Here are a few examples.First one,a favourite an XL02 sandblast.

Next is the very popular 999 shape Royal Irish.

A gorgeous B11 shape Royal Irish.

Another beautiful sandblast,this one a 606 Royal Irish.

Finally the beautiful  'Smokers Forum' year pipe 2009.


  1. Another bevy of beauties you have for us, Jim. The Rosslare series does stand out, doesn't it?

  2. I have to agree with your assesment of the sandblast Rosslare and Royal Irish pipes. They are stunning pipes.

  3. Actually there are not two but three finishes: Classic, Royal Irish and Royal Irish NATURAL. The 5% applies to the last-mentioned of the three (not pictured on this page). Regardless, great write-up! Chris

  4. Rosslare,
    The Expanse system is comprised of several units, the main unit, the EXP-10...