Monday, 11 October 2010

“The Wearing of the Green”

The Wearing of the Green” and other shiny colours.

I have noticed recently that Peterson seem to be producing quite a few more pipes with coloured stained shiny lacquered finishes. I realise that they have been doing so, albeit on a much smaller scale, for the past few years. The Kinsale series being a prime example.
As with some of the other idiosyncratic decisions in Peterson's production,it has brought about a mixed reaction from traditional Peterson pipe smokers. Some appear to think that coatings/stains like these, impair both the pipes looks and functionality(overheating).Others myself included,have not experienced any great problem and I own quite a few.
I am sure that the questions of the engineering and bowl Physics involved in bowl coating could be argued ad-nauseum. Coupled to personal smoking pace, style,draw,cake build up. There are many factors to consider before laying the blame at a cosmetic enhancement.
To my mind such pipes should be for occasional smoking and maybe the subject of collection as variants to a main collection. To smoke them as main rotation pipes could accelerate both deterioration and dulling of the coating over a period of time.

Some examples would be such series variants as:-
St Patrick's Day
Green Spray
Racing Green
Irish Sea

Here is an example of a Green Spray X220 Silver Spigot which I have just purchased.


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual, Jim. The "Greens" are one of the few Petes that have just not struck my fancy. Thanks for another education and informative addition to the blog.

  2. I am very jealous of that Green Spray X220 spigot. That is a beautiful pipe Jim. Should you decide you don't like it, well...

  3. Thanks guys for the kind comments.Sorry about the poor quality of the X220 photo,too dark!