Friday, 29 October 2010

The Peterson Spigot

The Peterson Spigot is characterised by a sterling silver covering on the tapered end of the mouthpiece which compliments the sterling silver band of the pipe. The Spigot style evolved from the practice of soldiers in earlier centuries who repaired broken pipes by sliding a used cartridge case over the shank and reinserting the mouthpiece. In this unique spigot finished pipe, Peterson craftsmanship perfect the union of finest quality briar and precious metals. The silver or gold is spun to shape and then fitted to the pipe".
The spigot allows the pipe to be taken apart while still hot and stored away quickly,there is little if any problems with expansion.

Rather than being useful to me on the battlefield,my take is purely its aesthetic appeal. As an obsessive Peterson nut,I have to be very careful when viewing certain on line Pipe sites.
I am very weak and succumb easily to beautiful silverware. I spotted this 'Red' B11 Silver Spigot and just could not help myself. I am doomed.


  1. It is a beauty! Thanks Jim for that interesting bit of history on the origin of the spigot.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Mike.Thank you.

  3. I see you are afflicted with the same malady as I am. I simply cannot resist a beautiful Peterson burl with silver fittings!