Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pipe Focus - The XL 23 shape.

Pipe Focus - The XL 23 shape.

The pipe shape we are about to review has a great popular following throughout the pipe smoking world. Particularly if you are a dangler and /or a clencher.
The distinctive XL23 shape is a large ball or apple shaped bowl, with an almost full bent configuration. Originally from the "Le Strade" of the Return of Sherlock Holmes series, the XL23 design, in essence is an extra large rounded ball,similar to the 02s and the 302, with a sharply curved bent stem. Sometimes erroneously referred to as an Oom Paul shape. Although almost a full bent,It lacks the 90 degree angle and is not a stack shaped billiard.
The following photos show the wonderful variety that there is in this distinctive shape,a real favourite of mine.
As well as the original version from the Return of Sherlock Holmes (above).
The first one is a beautiful straight grain.

Next is a gorgeous Red silver spigot.

Another spigot,this time a green one.

This one is a Sandblast Lestrade with a saddle stem.

This is also a Sandblast, but this one with a tapered stem.

Next one is a magnificent Gold supreme.Oh my!

Finally my unique Silver Lestrade.My pride and joy!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these beautiful pipes.I have found that the examples which I have satisfy me on several fronts.
The are very tactile,look superb and all are good, to very good smokers.Of course I am a bit biased in that respect.


  1. One of my all time favorite shapes, Jim. Thanks for the wonderful photos. Simply awesome!!!

  2. Well done Jim. Picture #2 the straight grain is my favorite. You are a wealth of Peterson knowledge and I really enjoy this blog.


  3. Thanks guys.
    Good to see you here Mike,I hope I can continue to entertain with interesting content.

    Regards to you both,

  4. Yet another wonderful spotlight onto several fine specimens of the art of Peterson of Dublin! Thank you for sharing.

  5. A green spigot?! Be still my beating heart!
    A wonderful collection of one of my favorite shapes.
    Well done Jim.