Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa.

At this time of year we all start to think of Christmas presents,both giving and receiving.Both give a nice warm glow!

Now is the time for all good Peterson collector/smokers to do a little hopeful fantasizing.This time I am going off the scale and lusting after this beauty,a XL02 Silvercap hinged-lid.Oh my! please Santa,please.

An XL02 silver lid.


  1. I didn't get the picture.

  2. Jim, I can see why that one's on your list!

    I'd need to suddenly be qualified for sainthood to have the cheek to put anything similar on my list to Santa.

    P.S. Thanks for putting the link to EPC on your list.

  3. Peter,good to see you here. I put your club link up a few days ago,no problem my friend.I hope Santa is good to you.