Friday, 12 November 2010

Peterson Commemorative Patent System Pipe 1890-1990 Limited Edition No. 12393.

Peterson Commemorative Patent System Pipe 1890-1990 Limited Edition
No. 12393.

At the beginning of the 1990's Peterson issued a pair of commemorative pipes. These were sold individually as boxed limited editions, to celebrate the issue of their original Patent System Pipe. These were a bent Oom Paul and a straight Billiard shape, with smooth or rustic finishes and sterling silver ferrules.
Each box contained certificates and relevant literature with the following quote from Charles Peterson.

The importance of producing as perfect a pipe as possible is evident, when we realise how universally smoking has affected modern thought in Art, Science, Literature, Politics, and even the Pulpit: how it has influenced the best wit of our time, and brought relief and solace to over-taxed energies.“
- The thoughts of Chairman Charles Peterson, inventor of the Patent System Pipe in 1890. 
The Oom paul is a striking  and impressively large shape. Although I have found it less than comfortable to smoke, the stem mouthpiece being to fine for my large mouth!, it just does not feel right. Although it looked at first glance potentially to be a great clencher, just me!
Here are a couple of photos showing examples of each.



  1. Another couple of historically significant, beautiful specimens, Jim! The quotation from Mr. Charles Peterson is quite interesting, too. It's always compelling to gain a glimpse of the mind of an artist--of whom Mr. Peterson certainly was one. Thankfully we are the beneficiaries of modern artists who can replicate the ingenious achievements of the past--e.g., the Peterson System Pipe. Thanks for sharing this peek into Peterson's past!

  2. Another interesting pair Jim. I'm espacially drawn to the bent both for shape and staining.

  3. Great looking pipes, there Jim. And thanks for the info about them...I learn something new everyday.

  4. Jim, you mention the two versions. I see that there was one for sale which had 9ct gold instead of silver. Was there a third version?