Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Heavenly Twins

I am often asked which of the modern Peterson series do I like best.Given the huge variety that we have to choose from, it is very difficult to pinpoint just one series. However the Rosslare's have a particular attraction for me, as most of the Pete Blog Irregulars know.
The aesthetics of the colours, shapes,form and quality of finish, provide for me a great smoking experience.They seldom fail to draw attention when in the company of others.
I am particularly fond of the two 'B' shapes in the Rosslare livery,ie. the B11 & B10.
My favourite retailer, Brucciani of Carlisle, has just delivered my latest acquisitions in the series ,a pair of B11'S. The first is a smooth Royal Irish and the other a Sandblast version of the same.This pair now compliment my others to form a pair of 'Heavenly Twins'.

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