Thursday, 23 June 2011

Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

There is a Peterson pipe that is well crafted, with silver adornment for around $90, the Silver Mounted Army Peterson range.

This series, which comes in a range of 9 shapes, is particularly favoured by outdoor smokers. Each pipe comes in a rich Walnut brown matt finish and  is fitted with a fine sterling silver mount and army style Peterson lip mouthpiece,although fishtail stem versions can be sourced.
The series is similar to the Peterson Irish Army, except this one comes with a sterling silver mount instead of a nickel one. It can also be sourced in a Red colour finish.
The ones I have ,mainly shape 68 and 69 are great smokers and suit me as a vest pipe which is easily broken down and fits into my vest pockets with ease. I regularly smoke both the P-lip and the fishtail versions and I am comfortable with both.
I am amazed that these grand wee pipes cost so little,in my opinion they are excellent value for money and would be a great introduction to any new pipe smokers thinking of trying the Peterson brand.

I think I have blown my secret now! I suppose it is too late and I will have to show you some of my 68's and 69's.

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