Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Peterson Book.

New Peterson Book – The Peterson Pipe Chronicles

The question of a suitable reference book on the Peterson brand of pipes has long been a major topic of discussion whenever Peterson aficionados gather together. It is somewhat ironic to realize that a comprehensive reference book has never been produced for a pipe company that has been around since 1865. I am very privileged to announce that this anomaly is about to be rectified—

With the approval and participation of Peterson's CEO, Tom Palmer, a knowledgeable group of Peterson collectors and enthusiasts have recently teamed up to form a working editorial group, which includes:

Mr Jim Lilley
Mr Tom Palmer
Dr. Mark Irwin
Mr Gary Malmberg
Mr Charles(Chuck) Wright
Mr Ed McMullen

—this with the aim of publishing a good quality illustrated reference book that Peterson fans and enthusiasts the world over will appreciate for many years to come. The book will document the history of Kapp & Peterson insofar as it can be ascertained, celebrating pipes from the Pre-Patent, Patent, Pre-Republic, Post-Republic and Modern eras.

We invite the assistance of Peterson pipemen the world over to ensure this be an authoritative and colorful reference work.

If you have any rare historical information, photographs, anecdotes or text to contribute, please contact our project manager Mark Irwin,at for a submissions guide. All contributors will be noted on a special contributors’ page and credit will be given for any submission used in the production of this book.

Thank you.

Here is a copy of the advert which we will be circulating to announce the project.


  1. Jim,

    I'm sure I speak for Pete enthusiasts everywhere when I say that this is the most exciting news imaginable. I hope to get one of the very first copies, and I hope to have it autographed by at least you and Chuck, if not Tom Palmer.

    Very well done!

  2. Thank you Tom.Speaking personally, I would hope,God willing, to comply with your request.However we are in the very early stages of this exciting project.It may take a couple of years yet, to putting a book on the shelves.

  3. Bryan Gesinger17 June 2011 at 17:58

    Hi, Jim,
    This is very exciting news! I am among those who have hoped to see an historical account of the venerable Peterson of Dublin, and it's wonderful to see this about to come to fruition. Looking forward to acquiring a copy when it's available.