Friday, 8 July 2011

Some new additions.

Some New Additions.

I have at last, managed to acquire a Peterson 2011 Fathers Day pipe in the 221 shape. UK distribution for this issue and the St Patrick's day,having been slow and rather poor.
Here presented in the special Father's Day edition with a deep walnut finish and brass rings on the saddle fishtail stem, complete in its own presentation box.
The pipe is a well made small to medium size full bent.Good value for around $85.

Next is this beautiful Harp B10,Peterson's variation on the calabash shape, along with it's stable-mate the B11, these are perhaps among my current favourite Pete shapes. The large softly rounded bowl rim,enhances the marvellous shape. Like all of the Irish Harps, this calabash comes with a great looking complimentary sterling silver band.
This is a real tactile pipe,it demands to be held and smoked. Great in the hand and excellent value for the money at around $115.

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