Saturday, 9 July 2011

The 2011 Sherlock Holmes Four Pipe Set.

The US e-tailer Cup 'O Joes has just posted the new Peterson Sherlock Holmes Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4-pipe set. 
Tom Palmer, CEO of Peterson, will be at the IPCPR conference in Las Vegas next week, and will "unveil" them.

These four new, extra-large shapes have been added to the popular Sherlock Holmes collection - Gregson, Hopkins, Moran, and Sylvious. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series comes in a special limited edition presentation box, and pipes are not available individually.Price around $ 600.
I would expect that in time they will be sold individually.

They will also be high lighting their new Sherlock Holmes Meerschaum range.
Made from a beautifully hand-carved piece of block meerschaum with a coloured finish and nickel band. Fishtail mouthpiece. This pipe is hand carved and hand finished. There will be unstained areas, typically within some of the carved recesses. Carving will vary from what is shown as well. Over time, meerschaum will darken from the inside out, and any white areas will fade.Price around $160.
Below is an example of a Sherlock Holmes XL15 Squire Meer.


  1. As I said on the forum, The meer is definatly in my future.

  2. You could always trade in those recently acquired cased Patents! LOL.