Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Molly Mallone Sets.

 Molly Mallone Bronze Statue Dublin.

 Smooth version

 Sandblast version.

Courtesy of CupO'Joes,here are some good photos of this brand new Peterson issue.
Peterson Molly Malone 2-pipe sets. One Bent pipe and one straight briar pipe in a  special presentation box, both with fishtail acrylic stems and sterling silver bands.Available in Sandblast,Ebony,Smooth and Rustic finishes. Priced around $280. 



  1. Hello Jim, first of all i'd like to thank you for these marvelous and informative posts. As for the Molly Malone sets, they look very interesting, the bulldog shape is very beautiful, but the colour of the lucite stems is absolutely horrible and cheap-looking.

  2. Hi Dimitrios,

    Thank you for your kind comment in regard to the Blog content.
    I understand what you say about the colour of the Molly Malone stem,it is probably not to everyone's taste!!