Monday, 21 February 2011

Where to start?

Where to start?.

In relation to the many Classic entry level Peterson pipes,one of the most common questions asked of me by newcomers being introduced to the brand is, "which one should I buy"?
Now that is not an easy one to answer,bearing in mind that we are all different in our smoking tastes,preferences and coupled to how much we are willing to spend.

The series I often suggest to the novice smoker/collector is the Kenmare. It is excellent value for money and so far has never disappointed me in smoking qualities. It has a rich red finish complimented by the gold coloured P on the mouthpiece. This series is available in all classic shapes with Peterson Lip or Fishtail mouthpiece.

The one I have in my rotation is the 01 shape,I love it.The colour is an attractive warm rich red.I have found it to be a grand flake pipe,excellent smoker and very tactile.They have decent thick bowl walls that do not overheat. I prefer the fishtail stem for this series.The price is around a very reasonable $90.
Here is a photo of one currently available from Cup'O Joes.


  1. Jim, Just wondering here. Why not recommend the 301 System Peterson? Simply because of the P-lip? I admit to a P-lip bias, but if you're going for a Peterson as a starting pipe, why go without the System? I paid no more than $90 for My 301, too...

  2. Hi Leyland,the reason I do not recommend the systems to novice pipesters, is that in my experience they are not for everyone.As you say the systems have the added stigma of the P-lip, again an acquired taste that needs to have consideration as to its suitability.The 301 is a great pipe as systems go,but a completly different beast to the Kenmare 01.My 2 cents for what it is worth.
    Good to hear from you.Thanks for commenting.
    Kindest regards

  3. Leland, please accept my apologies for the typing error in spelling your name,my eyesight is starting to go!!

  4. Interesting take on the Kenmare Jim. I have never considered them.