Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Peterson Grafton Series.

The Grafton Series:- Peterson state that “Only about 5% of our bowls are good enough to make this selection of pipes. These special pipes, all of which are silver mounted, are rare and only a limited number are available each year. Shapes can vary depending on availability of suitable raw materials”.
I have rarely seen this series of pipes for sale previously, it has been a complete mystery as to the quality of briar, finish and smoking qualities. Rarely is it mentioned on pipe forums.
So as is my want, I set out to acquire a couple.

The Grafton is rated by Peterson as one of their Higher Grades along with the Royal Irish and the Rosslare Royal Irish. I would also place it along with that other higher grade rarity the Celtic series.

My first impression of them is that the briar quality is superb,with gorgeous graining. The pipes are not what I would call stand out stunner's, they ooze quality and are reservedly handsome,enhanced by the acrylic Cumberland stem. The bowl finish is tending toward a matt finish and not shiny like the recent trend. The natural Walnut finish harkens back to the comparable pre-Republic bowls. The bottom pipe an 03 shape ,looks darker in real life!The Dublin bent is more typical of the darker stain.


  1. A gorgeous set of high-end Petes!

  2. According to Tom Palmer, they are in the same class as the Deluxe series, that is perhaps small root marks but no putty.

  3. Bryan- thank you,I am very pleased with them.

    Chuck - Interesting comments and quote.I am surprised to hear that observation from Tom Palmer.It appears to fly in the face of their publicity statement for the Grafton pipes.
    As you know I have many Deluxe series pipes across the Peterson spectrum,in my opinion none of these are comparable in finish or briar quality to the Graftons.The newer Deluxes in particular are just not comparable,using a more inferior quality briar and horrible orange staining.
    For him to say that they are in the same class I find both disturbing and odd.Especially with the price difference.

  4. In corespondence with latakia lover, Mr. Palmer includes them with the Deluxe System, Deluxe Classic, Celtic Natural, Rosslare Natural, Silver Cap, Army Spigot and Hinged Lip Cap Natural pipes that may contain small root marks but no putty. That what I was basing my comment on.

  5. Very nice indeed Jim. I particularly like the top one. A Dublin?

  6. Good to see you around Vincent,yes it is a bent Dublin.