Wednesday, 9 February 2011

20th February,2011- International Pipe Smoking Day.

20th February,2011- International Pipe Smoking Day.

What is it all about? apart from the flyers and other publicity material floating about the great ether.It is a focusing of like minded individuals on our great hobby, on a particular dedicated day each year .
It also allows us to publicly celebrate our pleasurable pastime openly and extol the  benefits to others.Flying in the face of the erroneous perception of being included with cigarette smoking and its particular unhealthy addictive image.

So how can we the Pete Nuts get involved in this great International event,if we are so inclined?
Well I will ask you, the regular blog followers, to mark the day by logging in here,on the day(20th) and leaving a brief note/comment below on this post, to show your support and your affirmation for the event and what it means to us.
Simples! Thank you.


  1. Happy International Pipe Smoking Day!

    Grats for a EXCELLENT blog! I have to say that in no small part the fact that I managed to quit cigarette smoking and switched to pipe is owned to your blog.

    This bowl of Samuel Gawith Golden Glow in this Peterson Silver Lid Kildare 69 is dedicated to you!


  2. Happy International Pipe Smoking Day everyone!

    First of all, I love your blog. It is filled with tons of useful information about Peterson pipes and I always enjoy reading your posts!

    Secondly, on this great day I am enjoying the great hobby we all partake in and am nostalgically looking back on my first year as a pipe smoker. To commemorate the occasion I bought a Peterson Dublin Churchwarden, my first churchwarden pipe! I cannot wait to break this fine pipe in with some McClelland Honeydew while enjoying the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. As I type I am smoking the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston's VR excellent tobacco that I also bought for IPSD!

    I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys their pipes! Thanks again for your wonderful blog. Cheers, Zach

  3. Thanks guys for taking the time to post and your kind comments on the blog,it is much appreciated.
    I hope everyone had a good IPS day.Please keep dropping in to the Pete Bog.

  4. Thanks for the information.. I really enjoyed this day with my friends and smoke a pipe for three hours..My club organize a competition for it and the smoker who smoke for long wins and cash prize is awarded.. Hey, how long do you smoke?

  5. Hi glass pipes, good to hear from you.Glad you had a great day with your friends.
    I have never gone in for any timed competition pipe smoking.There are no pipe clubs near me,I live out in a rural area.
    You are lucky to have a pipe club nearby.Good luck and thanks for posting.