Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Contemplation,because.

"My Contemplation, because"

I sit and smoke my pipe in the garden because I love to; because I love that environment , which is invariably beautiful, particularly on a warm sunny day and hate the environment where crowds of people are found, which are invariably always ugly;
Because of all the sport, television competitions, parties, and assorted social posturing, I thus escape; because, in a world where most men seem to spend their lives doing things they hate. My contemplation is at once an endless source of delight and an act of small rebellion; because Chickens, Flowers,Bugs and animals do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to the quiet,kindness, humility and endless patience; because I suspect that I am going along this way for the last time, and I do not want to waste the trip.
Because mercifully there are no bloody telephones ; because only in the garden can I find solitude without loneliness; because Wine out of a glass always tastes better out there; because maybe one day I will see something wonderful, like my smiling wife and sons; and, finally, not because I regard contemplation and smoking my pipe as being so terribly important, but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant - and not nearly so much fun.

Ye're a long time deid (Old Scots)– Enjoy life while it lasts.

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