Thursday, 3 February 2011

Peterson at its best.

As most of the Blog followers know,I have a very large number of Peterson pipes in my collection. As it continues to grow in tandem with my ongoing Odyssey of experiencing the fruits of the never ending Peterson production.It never fails to surprise me when I come across a real stunning and outstanding pipe that pushes all of my buttons.
My local Peterson supplier (Brucciani) contacted me a few weeks ago as he knows I am always on the lookout for 'special' Petes.He said that this particular pipe was another of these one - off, trade show specials.I was intrigued and knowing that such pipes when presented previously did not fail to please,I bought it immediately without seeing it!!
Well the pipe arrived this morning, it is a silver spigot XL23 with a very tasteful chestnut colour stain.I have a thing for this particular shape,it is one of my favourites,made famous as the Sherlock Holmes series Lestrade.
This particular example is absolutely stunning,the briar is excellent quality with no obvious fills to detract from the wonderful grain.Hereare some photos I am sure you will agree that it exemplifies 'Peterson at its very best'.



  1. A very handsome pipe! Congratulations on another beautiful acquisition Jim.

  2. Thank you Peter,I am very pleased with it.

  3. Unfortunatly (fortunatly if I consider my wallet), Ashton doesn't import those one-off beauties into the USA. I'm sure there are people here that would snap them up.