Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Strange Beauty

Strange Beauty.
As regular followers of the Blog know,I am always on the lookout for the strange and quirky for my collection. My latest Pete acquisition from Brucciani is a real strange one. It is a large full bent Army Silver Spigot with very little informative stamps,other than Peterson .No shape number and no hall-markings on the silverware.I would think that the nearest shape would be a 69,as it is very similar.
The main feature of this pipe however is the marvellous Celtic scroll work in evidence,it is simply exquisite.Judge for yourselves,here from the attached photos.


Further to the above,Nicola has commented below, that this pipe is from the 'Black and White' series .I have copied an illustration and quote from the marvellous Cup O'Joes site which shows this series and provides a description.

Peterson Black and White Silver Spigot #68


Peterson Highgrade Pipe Smooth polished Black & White finish. Multiple applications of different color stain produce a stunning contrast, highlighting the beautiful grain on these pipes. Sterling Silver Spigot. Fishtail mouthpiece. Made in Ireland. Squares are 1" by 1"

I do not think that the original oddball pipe is a 'Black and White' Nicola,the Celtic Scroll work is similar.However I believe that the black and white reference for bowl staining is different to the original pipe, it is a natural finish.
I have subsequently been informed by Brucciani that this was one of several one-off high grade pipes done purely for show and sale at Trade shows.
Nicola , many thanks for your interesting comparison,good to see a lady enthusiast following the Blog.


  1. I'm enamored of the Celtic-patterned silver adornments, Jim! Another beautiful acquisition for your wondrous collection.

  2. Thanks guys for the positive comments ,much appreciated.

  3. This is a "Black and White" series...
    Very wonderful.


  4. Good to see a lady here Nicola.Rather than comment here I needed to elaborate on you great observation above.Hope you do not mind.

  5. I'm a man, not a woman. ;)
    I'm italian boy... and i love Peterson :)