Thursday, 13 January 2011

“Jim's notes from the Pete Bog” 3.

Jim's notes from the Pete Bog” 3.

Welcome to my latest edition of new 'Notes from the Pete Bog'. I hope you enjoy the experience.
These frequent brief notes are my personal ramblings,musings,anecdotes,news items and stuff. Primarily intended as a light-hearted look at all things Celtic. Mixed in with pipe/tobacco and general interesting related topics, which may be of interest to you Pete Nuts.
Health warning, not to be taken too seriously!

Scotland – In the bleak mid-winter.
This Winter has been particularly cold here in Scotland,in fact I believe it has been the coldest since records began,starting with heavy snow in November.
It is funny how ones attitude to heavy snow changes over the years,particularly with age! As a kid it was a big adventure to wake up and look out onto snowy landscapes,with the thought of all the potential adventures that it brought. Even in our early days, when my wife and I had our two boys as youngsters, it created great excitement and anticipation. With all of us joining in, both in the work of clearing paths,driveways and yards around the house. Then moving on to the recreational bonus that it brought, with sledging,snowball fights,snow angel creation, building igloos and snowmen. How times and age have changed such joys.
Now I look forward to balmy summer days ,sitting in the garden watching my Chickens and Dogs, smoking a favourite pipe and tobacco blend.

Bog factoid (a note or article of general interest ).-

As most of you know I am a great fan of Mark Twain and in particular the Peterson series of pipes named after him. I am constantly trawling the web for interesting related photos and material. Here is a copy of an old photo of the great man . Now you may think that it is very similar to many others that you have seen before. However take a closer look at the pipe he is smoking,it was not his usual Deluxe one that has become the model for all the modern replicas. It is a basic,bog standard system Pete. Good to know he was really into Petes of all types.

This is a link to show that there was an earlier Peterson Pipe Club back in the 1950s-60s.
It is a photo of an enamel stick-pin badge. showing the club logo. I remember seeing an example recently for sale on e-bay. It might be a worthwhile thing to resurrect for the new International Peterson Pipe Club ?

Meerschaum, thing with amber tip,
Clutched between the dreamer's lip,
Fragrant odors from thy bowl
Mingling with the dreamer's soul;
Curling wreaths of smoke ascending,
Comfort sweet with incense blending.
Joy and peace and solace sending
To the dreamer's heart.
Fashioned like a satyr's head,
Crowned with fire, glowing red,
Quaintly carved and softly sleek
As Afric maiden's downy cheek.
Comrade of each idle hour
In forest shade or leafy bower;
Lotus-eaters from thy power
Ne'er can break apart.
Darkly colored from long use
With tobacco's balmy juice
From snowy white to ebon turned
By the incense daily burned.
Laid at night within thy case
Of velvet soft—thy resting place—
Whence with leering, stained face
Daily thou must start,—
To soothe the dreamer's every care,
To glow and burn and fill the air
With thy curling perfume rare:
As thou charmest gloom away,
With the dreamer rest for aye
Friend of youth, and manhood ripe
All hail to thee, thou meerschaum pipe!
New Orleans Times Democrat.

Useful Things

As usual, I was browsing the Alpascia site, (Warning - abandon all hope all ye who enter!)Going through the pipe accessories I spotted Italian leather Gilets for pipes.Now to a Celtic barbarian this was a new concept to me, I had never seen these before.
There is an interesting video to enlighten one. Please click on the link below.

Well I hope you enjoyed this issue of my musings. Please look out for the next edition of 'notes from the Pete Bog' and to all of you loyal blog followers, Lang may yer Lum reek”, an old Scot's farewell greeting, which in essence, hoped that the person receiving the greeting, always had smoke coming from their house chimney fire and enjoyed a long life.


  1. My favorite book by Mr. Clemens is "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" I read it last a couple decades ago in high school. My how time flies.

    I've never been much into poetry but I can't think of a better format with which to lament the briar. Or Meershum in this case. Thanks Jim.

    Regards from snowy Ohio,

  2. Thank you Mike,I find that the combination of some light poetry and smoking a pipe, assists in achieving a rare balance of contemplation and reflection.