Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pipe Focus - The Peterson Celtic Series.

Pipe Focus - The Peterson Celtic Series.

In my opinion the Peterson Celtic series of pipes are very handsome pipes. Everything about them seems well done, from the finish and the quality of the briar, to the Celtic knot work on the silver or nickel bands. There appears to be two grades of quality. Even in the basic one, the pipes are light, there are no obvious fills present and they smoke great, a quality briar, in natural smooth, green or ebony polished finish. Retailing for around $175 - $200 in the basic form.

Taking inspiration from Celtic art, stretching back over 1000 years. Peterson have created this series of pipes, the main feature of which, is the unique Celtic Knot design on the hallmarked sterling silver band.
The higher grade natural finish series of pipes is not cheap to purchase, being at the top end of the higher grade pipes. They usually retail at around $300 - $400, and similar in quality to the Royal Irish series, they are comparatively rare and scarce, with few retailers currently offering them for sale.
Here are some photos of mine, I certainly intend to add more of these beauties to my collection.1st is an ebony 05,second is a XL02 natural and final one is an ebony69. 

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  1. That natural finish sure makes an attractive pipe. I'm going to have to start saving my nickles and dimes.