Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pipe focus - Dunmore B11

Pipe focus - Dunmore B11.

I am currently suffering from B11 shape fever! I just cannot get enough of that unique, bent brandy shape,Peterson do it so well. It is so bad, that I now have around 10 pipes of that shape.
Well here is the latest addition,a rare Dunmore.It's rare because it appears to be only on sale in the European market and not available elsewhere?I would imagine that is because of the 9mm filter, which appears to be a particular favourite with the German sales.
I managed to source this one from that fine German e-tailer Andreas Harm, at Esterval's pipe shop.I just could not pass on both its good looks and its price of $85.
Well the pipe duly arrived and has not disappointed,I was expecting a much lower quality of briar and finish for that price.It is quite a bargain and I would highly recommend them for value for money.The one I have has an acrylic large bore fishtail stem with the filter removed.It has an excellent draw.To early to comment on its long term smoking qualities,but hey! for that money it has got to be a good deal.Here are a couple of photo shots.


  1. That is a good looking pipe Jim. Most Dunmores I've seen are rather bland looking. That one jumps off the page.
    Well done my friend.

  2. Thanks Chuck,the build quality was a pleasant surprise.It is a pity that the series distribution is restricted.I believe it would make a good mid range purchase for any newcomers to the brand.