Sunday, 23 January 2011

The International Peterson Pipe Club.

The International Peterson Pipe Club.

 I thought it would be appropriate to let the blog follower's know that the newly formed International Peterson Pipe Club is progressing well.
We now have nearly seventy members registered from all over the world.
As can be seen we now have the club banner and Logo which allows us to give the club greater publicity, throughout the various media and internet resources available, to International pipe enthusiasts.
The club has already been recognised by Peterson of Dublin who have listed the club on their website, as a replacement and alternative, for the former Peterson Smokers Guild.

So to those who have never known or visited the Club ,please feel free to drop in and join us in my favourite pastime,discussing all things Peterson.
Here is the link to the site:-

Please click on the I.P.P.C link in the Links column on right side of the page.

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