Monday, 20 December 2010

"Variety is the spice of Life"

"Variety is The Spice of Life"

In my opinion Peterson provides it in bucket loads.I never fail to be amazed or surprised by the sheer diversity of pipe series and shapes that Peterson keep producing.I realise that over the years they have catered for different national and International tastes by selecting to sell those that are most popular in each country,however as a collector it can be difficult to apply definitive parameters to the vast range that is currently available.I suppose it is another sign of Petersons unusual,eccentric and quirky approach to marketing.
I was recently surfing the web for Peterson stuff and came across some new to me Peterson pipe series,some, like the Golf, I have only heard of.The Blackrock is one that I do have in my collection(a B11)I thought I would share these with you for interest.
The first example is a real strange one,an interchangeable twin stemmed Deluxe 20s. Showing it with the usual black tapered stem but also with an unusual Amber alternative.


 Here is one I had never come across before,an Ashford.

 I had heard of the Golf collection but know very little about them.Unusual freehand shapes.

This one, a Blackrock 220 is a handsome pipe IMHO.


  1. I have seen the Golf pipes a few times listed for anywhere from $500 to $1000.

  2. Chuck ,that particular pair in the photo as a set,are selling for $416.Individually they are selling for $221.

  3. "Variety is The Spice of Life"

    Ooooh yes!...