Sunday, 5 December 2010

More of the XL 23 shape pipe.

More of the XL 23 shape pipe.

The Peterson XL23 pipe shape which I reviewed in October featured the large, wonderfully spherical bowl shaped pipes which are a firm favourite of mine. The full bent configuration makes this a contender for the best,most comfortable 'dangler' pipe,with which to hang from the jaw, despite the pipe's substantial size.

The XL23 shape is best known as the Le Strade shape from the 'Return of Sherlock Holmes' series from Peterson. Inspector Le Strade, as we all know, was with Scotland Yard and was featured repeatedly in Conan Doyle's stories.

The Peterson Kinsale series draws its shapes from those used for the Sherlock Holmes series. However be warned ,although much cheaper than the SH pipes, Kinsales have the sort of very narrow brass rings that are found on the Killarny and Emerald series. When the stem is pulled out for maintenance, you may discover that these rings can work loose, and even more annoying, discover that the bit of briar that holds the ring is literally paper-thin.

That being, said I love looking at the various examples of the XL23 shape from my collection in it's different guises and I hope that the Blog followers do to! Because I am indulging myself, by posting more photos of this great Pete. Enjoy!

Le-strade Sandblast Fishtail Tapered stem .

Red Le-Strade.

Rustic Le-Strade.

XL23 Straight Grain.

Kinsale XL23 Rustic.

Kinsale XL23 Smooth.

Sherlock Holmes Le-Strade smooth.


  1. A very elegant pipe. (As usual, I am partial to the smooth variety. That sandblast is a beauty, too.) Cheers!

  2. That first pipe, the sandblsated one, is unusually attractive Jim. I like the tapered stem too.