Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Harp Pipe Series.

The Harp Pipe Series.

One of the basic entry Peterson pipes that I admire are those of the Harp series.
I would always suggest this 'safe' range to those that are new to Peterson pipes.To my mind they offer excellent value, coupled to handsome looks and good smoking qualities.They are one of the few series at this level that seem to avoid petty criticism.

The symbol of Ireland, the harp adorns the silver band on this series. The brown/red finish on the bowl is complimented with the lovely Cumberland mouthpiece. They are available in selected classic shapes.

I just had to show this magnificent B11.

 Next is a gorgeous 68.

Another great shape,the 69.


  1. I have always liked the Cumberland mouthpiece, though none of my pipes features one. I shall keep the Harp series in mind as a prospective addition to my collection.

  2. Beauties all. I intend to add at the very least an XL 90 in the coming year.

  3. Bryan-I also have a soft spot for Cumberland stems.

    Chuck - I would also consider the XL90 in the harp livery,however I would make sure it was well away from the dogs!!LOL.