Thursday, 9 December 2010

Peterson Special and Limited Edition Tobacco Blends.

Peterson Special Xmas,Holiday and Limited Edition Tobacco Blends.

As most of the Blog followers know I recently spotlighted the new Peterson Holiday 2010 tobacco blend.
Appended below is a brief personal review of the tobacco.

Brand: Peterson
Blend: Holiday Season Tobacco 2010.
Tin Description: Red and Golden Virginia blended and double fermented with broad cut Black Cavendish and a hint of roasted burly.
Country: Ireland
Cure: Air cured
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Virginia,Cavendish and some Burly.
Packaging: Rectangular Tin
Strength: Mild to Medium
Taste: Mild to Medium
Room Note: Very pleasant.

I managed to acquire a tin of this shortly after it was first advertised. I have now had the opportunity to smoke it several times,always in the same pipe,a Darwin Ebony.
Peterson have to be congratulated on their packaging for this one, a beautiful red Christmas theme, without even a mention of the word Christmas,very politically correct !
On opening the tobacco, one finds that it is packaged in a clear cellophane type re-usable bag. My immediate thought/concern was how effective this might be for long term storage. The smell from the blend is of a pure aromatic,first impressions of Christmas pudding mixture and baking,giving a sense of olfactory pleasures to come.
It was quite moist and I wrongly did not allow it to dry for my initial smoke, which required several relights. However I learned from that and consequently allowed a short period to dry the next time, this proved less problematic.

Over the years I have become acquainted with Peterson 'special' annual blends, this was very similar to many of the previous ones which I have smoked,so much so, that I found it difficult to distinguish from many of the others. My main criticism was that It lacked strength,was very sweet and sickly and was too mild. Unfortunately an annual trend now that these tobaccos are being blended in Europe for Peterson.
I think that these type of aromatic blends on offer by Peterson are more 'novelty blends' and not for the long time more experienced smokers. It will appeal to new pipe initiates and those that regularly smoke aromatics .
The one person in my family that is a fan ,is my good lady wife, who thoroughly enjoyed “the marvellous Xmas room note”.

Would I buy it again , possibly not. 


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  1. Hi all we are hoping to revive the blending tradition amongst local tobacconists. We have just introduced a Christmas tobacco and hope you'll help us get it off the ground and encourage other tobacocnists to start belnding again