Friday, 10 December 2010

Musings on Pipe Collection Storage and Presentation

Musings on Pipe Collection Storage and Presentation- A tale for Christmas.

Having such a large collection of pipes presents it's own problems when it comes to display and or storage.
I was recently reminded by my good lady wife that the pipes were taking over.Why did I need to have any more?she asked. I told her that I had an urgent call and needed to be elsewhere!
Being assertive and a coward I knew that the time had come to reassess my current arrangements,to just leave them lying around or have them easily to hand in their rotation racks.Just like most people do right?

I needed a cunning plan to survive this unreasonable abuse of the wonderful comfortable status-quo.
During one of my web sorties hunting for Pete stuff,I came across the latest Peterson catalogue which appeared to provide a simple solution.It was a simple and economically priced 12 pipe case.The brain went into overdrive and I contacted my nearest Peterson supplier and ordered a case of five of them to start with.

I have since started to clean and store sixty of my pipes which are now neatly stored in these presentation cases.
I am deciding on how to catalogue these in a systematic fashion,in preparation for the rest of the collection requirements.
So Blog followers just think of me during the holiday period, compelled to this evil task by a ruthless woman!

Have a good holiday!


  1. They do look like a simple, yet elegant, solution least this way, you get to sort them out, rather than coming home to find that your good lady has devised her own "filing" solution in your absence! lol

  2. Cleaning all those pipes and busking too. 'Tis going to be a busy Holiday season for you, my man.

  3. Peter- shhhh,she reads my blog!

    Chuck - good trick,its the timing that has to be right on.LOL

  4. Well dome, Jim. Seems like a wonderful solution to very unreasonable demands. May I add that you have my full support in this matter, just as long as you don't reveal my name to your lovely bride.

  5. Dave,my friend I can always rely on you for support!