Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Royal Irish.

A Pair of Peterson 'Royal Irish' beauties.

The Royal Irish series of Peterson pipes are one of their lesser known issues.As high grades,probably because of the price range that they sell for and being at the top of the $300 - $400 range.
I have long admired them as they epitomise the elegant style and quality of briar that I find particularly attractive.
Initially I was drawn to a XL90 shape and then a XL02,both among my favourite shapes.Dressed up in their 'royal finery' they are nothing short of spectacular in my opinion.

Peterson's web site describes them as:-
“Only about 5% of our bowls are good enough to make this selection of pipes. These special pipes, all of which are silver mounted, are rare and a limited number are available each year. Shapes can vary depending on availability of suitable raw materials”.

I know how scarce these are from having waited six months for mine to be made by Peterson.
 The first photo is the XL90. Second the XL02.


  1. They almost take your breath away, don't they Jim? They are splended beauties for sure. Another excellent post.

  2. Currently my favorite line of Peterson's, well except for the POY, of course.
    My first RI was the XL90 which was given to me by my Father. Beautiful pipes and great smokers to boot. But rather hard to find lately. I have my eye on a 05 specimen which I hope to receive for my upcoming wedding anniversary but not really to sanguine of that happening.
    As usual, beautiful pictures and great article.