Monday, 6 September 2010

Peterson Special.

Peterson Special Extra Large Bent Smooth Fishtail.

Well it's confession time again,my PAD (pipe acquisition disorder) is still not cured.I just had to pull the trigger on my latest purchase,which I had been lusting after for some time.
In the early 1990s Kapp & Peterson made this giant, classic full bent, smooth pipe exclusively for Bonds of Oxford Street London.
The pipe is 16.5cms long,bowl height 6.1cms,with a bowl depth  of 5.5 cms and internal bowl diameter of 2.1cms.
Bonds seem to have an endless source of NOS Peterson pipes,(new old stock pipes).
I am always intrigued by these pipes when they arrive by post. Inevitably they come in their original packaging and to my mind are a window back in time.I enjoy the box and contents as much as the pipe.
I had seen this pipe on many occassions when I had previously visited Bonds e-bay site.I have always been attracted to it and admired the classic shape ,size and finish.They were offering the same pipe in various finishes and stem fittings.However I preferred the smooth fishtail.I am a sucker for large bent Petes.Just my taste,however it was not cheap at around $355. So I kept putting it on mental hold since it was always on the site for “buy it now,or best offer”.
Well I placed an offer and it was accepted,hopefully it will arrive to-morrow.I will be leaving this post open ended to allow an update.So watch this space!

Having had the opportunity to see the pipe 'in the flesh', I am amazed at the quality,feel,looks and the smoking performance.Yes you heard right I smoked it!Normally with the newer un-smoked high grades that come into my collection,they remain un-smoked.However I made an exception with this beauty and boy it was worth it.I realise that it is not possible with just one smoke to give a balanced fair assessment ,however it is obvious that there is great potential for this pipe to become my new best friend.


  1. That's one beautiful pipe, Jim. I will be waiting anxiously for your report on how it smokes. And by the way, congratulations!

  2. That's a very classy and elegant looking pipe, Jim. Very nice!

  3. I just did the conversions and they are almost as big as house pipes.
    That is one handsome pipe Jim.

  4. Not much between them Chuck.I have three house pipes and put it up against them,only one of the House pipes is noticeably bigger,a rustic.The briar on the Bonds special is however superior,it is a gorgeous birds eye.
    Thanks for looking.

  5. Congratulations Jim! That is one heck of a beautiful pipe. And big, I love'm built for comfort, not for speed. I have two of the house pipes, neither of which compare to this lovely girl, but seldom get the chance to smoke them. But you have inspired me to do so next chance I get.
    I just checked and that bowl depth is such that my thumb would barely reach the bottom.
    Have you yet smoked a full bowl in her? I'm curious how long of a dance that would be.

  6. Hi Vincent,thank you for the kind comments my friend.
    I have not filled her up to the top yet,as you suggest it would require a full Orchestra playing for a couple of hours to finish that dance.!!