Monday, 13 September 2010

PIPE FOCUS – Peterson Deluxe Systems.

PIPE FOCUS – Peterson Deluxe Systems.

The pipe choice for our focus is one of Peterson's more recognisable series, the handsome and very distinctive Deluxe system pipes. These pipes are at the top of the 'system' series in terms of quality and finish.

Construction/engineering/workmanship: Outstanding,well carved , drilled and aligned. Silver work excellent, finish very good, and the often maligned briar is outstanding.

Design: Apart from the Darwin,the balance can be stem heavy, bit is thick and chunky,especially in the larger versions.

Smoking quality : Excellent,dry and cool. Flavor and draw is great in new pipes.
Aesthetics and ergonomics : I find some shapes much more attractive than others.Favourites for me are the 1s,2s,3s,the Mark Twains and the Darwin deluxe.As a clencher most are very good to hang,except the beautiful Darwin which is more of a 'hand holder.'
Finish: The modern orange/golden colour is, in my opinion less attractive than that found in the older Walnut finish of the eighties.
Value/cost: Given the excellent quality finish these are competitivly priced at around $135 to $250 depending on size and briar grade.

Conclusion: For what it is worth,I reckon the Deluxes are probaly the best value range that Peterson produce, both in funcionality and value. There's not a thing wrong with these pipes. Those who malign the brand because they're made by the hundreds using machines, are very wrong, IMHO. I like them a lot and the bang for the buck is the best I've ever seen for new pipes of this quality.

Here are a few examples of mine,smallest to largest.first is a 3s then a1s,next is a Mark Twain,followed by a 2s and finally a Darwin.The example in the top photo is an 11s.


  1. Another grand blog you have here, Jim. I've been waiting all weekend for a new blog and it was well worth waiting for. The Deluxes I have are all excellent smokers. And I totally agree with you...I much prefered the Walnut finish.

    Well done and thank you.

  2. Well done, Jim! I enjoy these posts of yours.

  3. Great summary of the system deluxe series, Jim. I'm not sure how or why, but I settled long ago on this series as my favorites. I have two 11s pipes (one a supreme) that I adore. I love my 02s as well, though it is the one Pete that I do feel needs to be opened a bit. The Darwin, of course, is a truly outstanding pipe, its only "flaw" being that it's not a clencher. Though they are great smoking pipes, one of the aspects of this pipe that appeals to me the most is its physical character—visually, they are a pipe like no other.

    Thanks for another great post.

  4. Great review my friend, you make me want to reacquire another Deluxe and give them another shot. I had one a while back but passed it on as I could not get along with the P-Lip. I see that your 1s has a fishtail, if I could find one of those then I'd happily give them another try.
    As usual, great post and stunning photos of some really beautiful pipes, esp the 1s.

  5. Another fine entry JImj. The Deluxe series has been my focus for quite some time Both in the System and Classic pipes with the 9S being my favorite. That pipe isn't a clencher but, for me, they offer a capacity that I like and a balance in the hand that I appreciate.

  6. What you think about the brown finish of the '60?
    I've a 11s and she's beautiful!

    Great blog

  7. I recently purchase a DeLuxe 504. Not a system pipe and I hope that someone can inform me as to the history and value of non system DeLuxe Petersons.